Scottish Highlands

June 2017

While in Edinburgh with my family, we took a day trip to the highlands with Timberbush Tours. The bus left the streets of Edinburgh early in the morning and we began our journey North on a cold, rainy day. The bus driver started our journey with a collection of old Scottish bagpipe music and told us about all of the places we passed along the way.

A brook through grasslands in the Scottish Highlands in front of mountains.
A roman style bridge on the side of a hill in the Scottish Highlands.


Our first pit stop on our way to Loch Ness was a large service station and gift shop along the road called Kilmahog. Beside the service station was a fenced in area that had a few Highland Cows. These shaggy cows were one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and all of the busloads of tourists stood along the fence feeding them, so they seemed pretty content. Even without the adorable cattle, the landscape of just the area behind a service station was breathtaking.

A auburn and black highland cow greet tourists offering food at a service station in Kilmahog, Scotland.
A highland cow grazes in a pasture in Kilmahog, Scotland.
A black highland cow in Kilmahog, Scotland.A baby highland cow in Kilmahog, Scotland.
The pasture and hills spotted with sheep behind a service station in Kilmahog.

The Three Sisters

As we continued North, we stopped to see The Three Sisters in Glencoe, a popular view of the Bidean nam Bien mountain. The three ridges cloaked in fog and mist looked like they were pulled out of a medieval fairy tale.

The ridges of the Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland covered in fog.
The ridges of the Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland covered in fog.Avery stands in front of the Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland.
The ridges of the Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland covered in fog.

Loch Ness

While we were initially supposed to visit a portion of Loch Ness further North that had a castle, a car accident on one of the small highland roads had closed the road to traffic in both directions. However, our tour company was able to coordinate a boat ride along the famed loch from a different town quickly and efficiently. The tour of the loch was very informative and explained the geography of the loch and its frigid temperatures.

Unfortunately, we did not spot Nessie while we were there.

A panoramic view of Loch Ness from a boat on the water.
The canal leading into Loch Ness in Scotland.The shoreline of Loch Ness.
The dark waters of Loch Ness with the rugged shoreline.
The dark waters of Loch Ness.
Avery stands on a bridge crossing Loch Ness in Scotland.

Dalwhinnie Distellery

On our journey back to Edinburgh, we stopped to see the white buildings of the Dalwhinnie Distillery nestled in the hills of the Scottish highlands.

Dalwhinnie Distillery from a distance in Scotland.


Our final stop in the highlands was Pitlochry, a small town with Victorian architecture. We visited a small bakery for snacks and tea.

A view of the rooftops in Pitlochry, Scotland.
A brick home with flowers in the front garden in Pitlochry, Scotland.Inside a small bakery in Pitlochry.