San Francisco

June 2016

In the summer of 2016, I went on a trip to the West Coast for a week with friends from college, Haley and Cassidy. We started our trip in San Francisco! It was such a beautiful city with a lot of green space. I loved the architecture of the city, particularly the old Victorian style homes in so many fun colors!

We stayed at an AirBNB  with our host Bruce. He was one of the friendliest people and a fantastic host. He provided guides with directions to popular attractions, restaurant reviews, and maps of the city. I highly recommend staying with Bruce if you’re visiting the San Francisco area.

Twin Peaks - Christmas Tree Point

After picking us up at the airport, Bruce drove us to Twin Peaks for a view of the city at night. He continued to give us a tour of the nearby Missions District and all of the murals as well as the Castro area. We got to the West Coast close to midnight and it was so nice to wake up on our first day with some idea of where things were, all thanks to Bruce’s tour!

Land's End

In the morning, Bruce made us Dutch Baby Pancakes and helped us look through all of his guides and gave us advice about what to do. We decided to walk through Land’s End park to see the Pacific Ocean and get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a little maze made of rocks with a perfect view of the bridge at the halfway point on the 2 mile trail. At this point my shoe broke and I had to walk the rest of the way with one shoe, but soon after we found a T.J.Maxx to purchase some new flip flops!


I didn’t know it before visiting San Francisco, but sushi in the form of a burrito was all I had ever wanted for food. Wow was this a delicious lunch. We visited the location in downtown San Francisco and ate our food in Union Square.

Alamo Square Park

When in San Francisco, you have to relive Full House. So, we went to Alamo Square Park from the scene in the title sequence with the family having a picnic to see the “Painted Ladies.”

Le P'tit Laurent

Le P’tit Laurent was a small crepe restaurant near our AirBNB. While I have had sweet crepes before, their breakfast specialty was savory crepes. I didn’t think that crepes could get any better, but this savory crepe was delicious!

The Walt Disney Family Museum

The art museums of Europe are in many ways unrivaled, but The Walt Disney Family Museum was a very close second. This museum was one of the best museum experiences I’ve had. They journey through the life of Walt Disney was so well done. While I am a huge Disney fan and expected to love it, even Haley and Cassidy seemed pleasantly surprised. If you’re ever in San Francisco and mildly interested in film, animation, theme parks or general creativity, I highly recommend visiting The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Presidio Picnic

Literally steps from the museum is a huge field in the Presidio with a variety of booths and food trucks. While it was a little chilly with the wind off of the bay, the BBQ parfait was delicious!

Caffe Trieste

After the Presidio we went to Little Italy in San Francisco in search of coffee, but it also required the Lyft driver to drive down the extremely steep and curvy Lombard Street. Caffe Trieste had a fun atmosphere and the caffeine we needed to keep going.


Chinatown was a lot of fun! I joined a band, Haley talked to Confucius, and Cassidy bought fortune cookies so we could all know our future.

Billy Goat Hill

On our last day in San Francisco, we set out to find a swing that was atop Billy Goat Hill. We walked up and down streets until we reached Billy Goat Hill and the swing was gone. While it was disappointing to find the rope broken half way up, we still got a really cool view of the city.

Seward Street Slides

After Billy Goat Hill, we walked over to Seward Street to visit the slides. It was a Monday and it turns out, everything in San Francisco is closed on Mondays. But the locks on the top of the slide didn’t stop us from having fun!

Golden Gate Park

Before our train to Oregon, we went to Golden Gate Park. It was HUGE! Most of the museums were closed when we went, which was unfortunate timing. However, the park was beautiful and it’s at the top of my list of places to visit again the next time I am in San Francisco.