May 2017

When planning a trip to the U.K. with my family, my number one place to go was Bath. It was the frequent retreat of Jane Austen’s characters (and at one point the author’s home) and had always intrigued me. While the primary attraction of Bath is The Roman Baths, they were closed when we arrived due to a power outage. However, it was still one of my favorite parts of our entire trip to the U.K. The hillside town was charming even on a rainy day.


On our way to Bath, our tour bus stopped at Stonehenge. We were able to use the audio guides as we walked around the prehistoric moment to learn about the history of these stones. I feel so lucky to have been able to see something that has existed since approximately 3100 BC and to know that humans carried these stones somehow from an estimated 100-150 miles away from the site.

Sally Lunn's

Our first stop in Bath was Sally Lunn’s, one of the oldest homes in London and the birthplace of the “Bath Bun.” The line was out the door to eat inside the restaurant, so we got buns to go. The bun’s were quite delicious with their cinnamon butter.


With our initial plans derailed, we decided to explore the small town and find some good food.  At Bill’s I ordered Shephard’s Pie and it was my favorite meal of the whole trip.

Bath Abbey

Our final stop in Bath was the Bath Abbey whose location has been a house of worship since 757 AD. The current structure was built in 1616 and is open to visitors as long as there is not a service going on. The large ceilings and grand stained glass were just outstanding to see.